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Weight Loss / Management Program

Our one-year program is a modern medical program based on the latest discoveries in medicine.

How does our program work:
  1. Our Initial Encounter:  Our medical providers have the pleasure of meeting our patients, in which we will focus on obtaining a very detailed history and physical exam. We will start with lab work so we develop a better understanding of our patients overall health .
  2. Your Personalized Plan:  Here at Advocare Panorama Medical, we are strong advocates and believers in precision medicine. We believe strongly that the best care we can provide to our patients is based on a deep understanding of their biology and lifestyle.
  3. The Health Coach:  At this step, we will try to match you with the best health coach for your needs. Your health will be coordinated closely with your medical provider, and you will be checked-in regularly via video.
  4. Medications:  If needed, we will prescribe an FDA-approved medication that is the best fit for your biology, lifestyle, and goals. Our medical providers also work closely with your insurance to have medications covered.
  5. Staying Connected:  Through this step, we will help you get connected to smart medical devices that will allow us to monitor important health parameters such as; your weight and blood pressure .
  6. Follow-Up and Progress:  During this time, our medical team will work closely with the patients on achieving and developing a better understanding of the science behind having an unhealthy weight - How to get rid of bad habits - How to develop better ones, and finally - How to deal with set backs and frustrations .